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Patients of the clinic are provided with a full range of services for dental medicine

Dentures are a major prosthetic procedure offered by most dentists. These devices are constructed to replace missing teeth.

Veneers are a porcelain covering over the teeth. They are used to treat dicoloring, chiped, or slightly crooked teeth. 

Over the last decade home whitening kits have risen in popularity and now more that never before you can have a clean,

Lumineers are a thin porcelain which is bonded to your teeth. These differ from classical veneers in that they are very thin and minimize 

What is Endodontics

Endodontics is the study of dental pulp. This is most prevalent in the dental office in the form of root canals.

Periodontal disease is a non-reversible condition, but can be arrested in its current state and with proper care and treatment

Periodic examinations are helpful to identify common dental health concerns before they become a bigger issue.

Topical Fluoride is used to remineralize weak enamel, this helps to prevent further loss of the tooth’s structure.

Mini Implants

As the name suggests mini implants are much smaller than a regular implant. Their diameter is roughly half the size of a normal implant leading

Dental implants are often the preferred method of restoring an extracted tooth. Often bridges will need to alter healthy teeth 

In orthodontics braces are devices used to straighten smiles and have been used for decades in dentistry. Braces are also used to align and 

Invisalign is a low profile solution for straightening teeth which does not include the use of  brackets or wires. Without the use 

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a procedure done by your dentist or a specialist to expose a greater amount of the tooth structure. 

Periodontics is the study of supporting structures of the tooth. This field includes diseases and conditions that affect them.

In dentistry Prophylaxis is the term for regular dental cleaning. It is recommended that you have a cleaning done every six months

Crowns, sometimes known as a dental cap is the restorative process of adding a protective covering to the tooth to

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